Biographical stories designed as graphic novels

Originally a thesis project, the first memoir story focused on a grandmother who was diagnosed with Dementia. It served as a memory book that is common resource to trigger the mind among Dementia patients. Timeframe Memoirs gives individuals the opportunity to put their piece of history on paper. Everyone has a story to tell—everyone should be able to tell it.

Timeframe Memoirs. Carmen J. Rodriguez

Timeframe Memoirs: Carmen Julia Rodriguez is an illustrated memoir about the life of a woman born and raised in Puerto Rico who migrated to the United States. The memoir spans her childhood in MayagÜez, migration to Spanish Harlem at the age of nine, her faith, and an array of other cuentos cortos. The events are gathered from audio recordings of Carmen and accounts from the ones that knew and loved her the most. The memoir also includes a family tree showcasing generations of Carmen’s family.


Create Your Own Timeframe Memoirs

Develop the Story

Develop and create a story arc around someone and their experience. Work alongside professional writers and editors to mold your experience into a well rounded, multifaceted narrative.

Document the Story

Record the narrative alongside family, friends, and loved ones, and receive a short film documentary to keep and share.

Design the Story

Work alongside designers and creatives to transform your narrative into a graphic novel using photographs, hand drawn illustrations, and personal anecdotes.

Distribute the Story

Make your graphic novel available to the public with a personalized homepage where readers can see snippets of the graphic novel, purchase a copy, view the short documentary and submit an inquiry for their own personalized Timeframe Memoir.

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